Beaches in Thassos
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Limenas the capital of Thassos, having the sea on the one side and the pine forest on the other. Small, picturesque streets, shops, tavernas and places with the heady scent of ouzo.  

Alykes beach is at the northeastern side of Thassos in a distance of 32km from Limenas. There are two gulfs in Alyki with beaches of pebbles, sand and crystal waters.

Agios Vasilios beach is located in Limenas and it was named after a little church that is built nearby. It is a quiet shore with shallow waters ideal for families. It is organized to some extent and easily accessible.

Nisteri beach is a sandy beach with no deep waters and dense flora. It is easily accessible and just 1km far from Limenas.

Limanaki beach is an organized blue flag beach located in Limenas. The beach is sandy with shallow waters and it is ideal for little children. There also a lot of coffee shops and taverns in the area.

Glyfada beach is a small beach in the north and it is 3km far from Limnenas. Its waters are shallow and emerald. It is the perfect place to enjoy the serenity and calm.

Glikadi beach is a sandy beach 4km far from Limenas. There are a few rocks before diving into the sea. Wonderful landscape surrounded by a dense forest with pine trees and the green sea waters'. 

Arsanas beach is located in the north-eastern part of the island, next to Livadi beach. It was the boat-yard of the monastery of Archangel Michael. The beach has pebbles and stones while its waters are cold due to the springs of the region. The access to Arsanas is difficult. You can go there by following the dirt road in Livadi, by swimming or by boat.

Glifoneri beach is a small, picturesque gulf with a lot of pine trees. It is located in the north-western part of Thassos next to Pachis beach and its distance from Limenas is 7km. It's got shallow waters with an emerald and blue colour. The shore is sandy and ideal for families with kids.

Skala Panagias is the largest beach of the island. It is 12km far from Limenas and 4km from Panagia and it is located in the eastern side of the island. The one tip of the beach in called Golden Beach which is the beach of Skala Potamia. It is a popular beach with shallow clear waters. It is called Golden due to the colour that is reflected on the sand.

Thimonia beach is located in the south-eastern part of Thassos between Alyki and the monastery of Archangel Michael. Its distance from Limenas is 32km and 16km from Poto. It is a quiet rocky beach ideal for fishing. By the shore you will discover an ancient extant circular tower at an impressive height with an external diameter of 15m.

Metalia beach is located in Limenaria and its name is attributed to an old mining factory of iron. With clear and transparent waters with sand and pebbles. Worth mentioning is the contrast in colour on the ground due to the iron of the mine. 

Η Σκάλα Παναγίας είναι η μεγαλύτερη παραλία του νησιού. Απέχει 12χλμ από τον Λιμένα και 4χλμ από την Παναγία και βρίσκεται στην ανατολική πλευρά του νησιού. Η μία άκρη της παραλίας που είναι παραλία της Σκάλας Ποταμιάς ονομάζεται Χρυσή Αμμουδιά. Είναι δημοφιλής με ρηχά καθαρά νερά. Ονομάζεται Χρυσή λόγω των αχτίδων του ήλιου που αντανακλώνται στην άμμο. 

Η παραλία Θυμωνιά βρίσκεται στο νοτιοανατολικό τμήμα της Θάσου μεταξύ της Αλυκής και του μοναστηριού του Αρχάγγελου Μιχαήλ. Η απόστασή της από το Λιμένα είναι 32χλμ και 16χλμ από τον Ποτό. Είναι μια ήσυχη βραχώδης παραλία ιδανική για ψάρεμα. Δίπλα στην ακτή θα ανακαλύψετε έναν αρχαίο κυκλικό πύργο σε εντυπωσιακό ύψος με εξωτερική διάμετρο 15μ.

Η παραλία Μεταλλεία βρίσκεται στα Λιμενάρια και το όνομά της αποδίδεται σε ένα παλιό μεταλλευτικό εργοστάσιο σιδήρου. Η παραλία διαθέτει καθαρά και διάφανα νερά με άμμο και βότσαλα. Αξίζει να σημειωθεί η χρωματική αντίθεση που αντανακλάται στο έδαφος λόγω του ορυχείου.