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Xenios Gate & Covid-19 Tests

The Xenios Gate Group funds the Covid-19 Tests. 

Book your holiday in one of our four hotels, and we will refund you 50% of the total value of the COVID Test by providing a voucher.

 The refund will be made with a voucher for internal use in the facilities (departments) of the hotel. You can use it for Spa treatments, at the Beach Bar, Pool Bar, Tavern, Restaurant, etc.

Use the voucher at any time during your stay and enjoy the unique hospitality of Xenios Gate.

Together we can make your holidays a unique experience.

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Minimum stay five nights.

The COVID Voucher is personal under the name of the original booking and it is not transferable.

The voucher's use is for the various departments of the hotel and not for a discount on accommodation.

If the total value of the services selected exceeds the credit voucher's worth, you will be charged by the difference.

The above offer is valid only if it is mandatory to present a negative Covid test at the border to enter the country.